Only happy customers! If I can't help you solve your problem, I'll tell you up front and possibly be able to recommend the person who can do it.  Please call or email to schedule a review of your situation.

New Clients?

My goal is to become the person you call when you want a fresh perspective, a new idea, or have a challenging design or process problem that you don't have time to solve.  I use my experience and creativity to help you achieve your goals efficiently and with a minimum of disruption to your normal work flow. My hope is that the next time you have an issue, you'll call me back again.  I have a high proportion of satisfied, repeat customers. Maintaining the confidence of my clients with well conceived solutions and using the latest secure data transfer to communicate, I help your project stay on track and make sure it succeeds. From panel builds and PLC programming to pharmaceutical processing systems, to brush manufacturing. I've been there before.

Some of our Current and Previous Clients:

  • Fujifilm DImatix, Lebanon, NH.
  • JetBoil, Manchester, NH.
  • Laser Light Engines, Salem, NH.
  • Duratool, Derby, VT
  • Xtalic, Marlborough, MA
  • Sunrise Labs, Auburn, NH
  • Moderna Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA
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