Why Use Us!

As of July 1st, 2020 we are no longer accepting new Clients.

We are currently providing technical subject expertise, Prototype assembly services, and machinery and product design services (SolidWorks, AutoCAD) to companies in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Past and current clients are 1 person start-ups on up to international corporations. We are filling in the gaps in their expertise or level of resources when needed.  I have experience interfacing as an integral engineering team member, as the entire engineering department, or as an outside resource for occasional projects, depending on the needs of the customer.  I have provided complete design services for a non-linear optical module requiring extremely tight temperature controls, Piezoelectric ink jet printhead registration and tending systems, LASER debris extraction systems, beam tube designs, equipment frames including Granite, standard aluminum extrusion, or ultralight, and complete manufacturing lines.  We have developed medical devices currently in international distribution. Does your team need some new ideas to stir up creativity in your design? Fresh insight? New PLC logic to improve throughput on an existing line? Cost reductions? New product skins? Need changes made to an obsolete machine? Even if you would like some design review help to assess the the risks and benefits of a new design, I can help act as a neutral party in evaluating design ideas and approaches within your design department. I'd be happy to discuss your requirements, and whether I might be able to help, in confidence. I can work at your facility when needed, or complete an entire project off site. We have access to a network of experts in electronics, molding, optics, bioprocessing, thermal analysis and controls, process controls, high, and ultrahigh pressure systems, vacuum, collaborative robotics, and automation

Our Experience Shows!

I can assess your schedule situation, the demands of your design, and help you establish a realistic budget and schedule whatever the state of your design. I have technical subject experts available to call on when the requirements are outside of my core expertise. I know my limitations and won't leave you worse off than before we started. My customers continue to do business with me over the long term and call me back when they have a new project. Keeping current customers is much easier than getting new ones, and my goal is to become the "go-to" guy when you aren't sure how to get it done with what you have to work with.  I have loyal customers who require ongoing engineering support, but don't have the budget for an on-staff engineer. I can support them remotely, or on site, as needed for a great return on their investment.

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