Record business in 2014

posted Feb 17, 2015, 12:24 PM by Joshua Freed
2014 proved to be a year full of unexpected challenges and great successes. A New pharmaceutical client requested exacting automation processing equipment that gave me new experience with Hamilton Syringe pumps, PLC control of stepper motors, RS-485 interfacing to process controllers, and demanded large control panel fabrication here at my shop. I travelled to Korea for a second time, this time to oversee the startup of a system printing conductive ink and insulator onto a glass substrate. Something about the size of an i-phone. These new projects open up new opportunities, and since they were resounding successes, I am optimistic that there will be continued demand for my services in 2015. Some markets slowed for me in 2014. I saw less high volume manufacturing machinery work and medical instrument development slowed somewhat. I'm not sure if that reflects a changing market or just normal fluctuation in my usual customer's businesses.