2017 Report

posted Apr 17, 2018, 8:31 AM by Joshua Freed
2017 was our most successful year to date with many successful projects completed and installed in New England. A growing client in the North Country trusted us to build a new line for them to keep up with growing demand for their product as well as to add some automation to eliminate some human interaction with dangerous machinery. The additional throughput is increasing employment and economic activity in an area hard hit by the loss of paper and forestry jobs. 

A newer client asked us to help them develop their next generation medical device, and it's now in the approvals process. The device replaces an existing one with a unit with bluetooth, USB, and battery  functionality, is able to withstand spray disinfectant, and interfaces with more hospital equipment than the old unit, while costing less to produce than the unit it replaces. Plus, it looks cool!

We were able to help develop a new product for a thermal spray customer to allow them to continue to be leader in the sector with the highest quality coatings and efficiency. This client has a special relationship as they were our first client back in the mid 1990s. In 2018, we are continuing to assist them with especially challenging applications for the aircraft industry. 

Thanks to all our clients in 2017 and in the years prior, for supporting this small businesses in NH and making FCE a success. I hope to continue to be providing trusted support for all of you in the coming years.